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When it comes to managing the financial needs of your accounting practice or CPA firm, finding the time and resources can be difficult. This is where choosing the right banking partner can make all the difference.

At Sunwest Bank, we specialize in providing tailored solutions and financial products built for the unique needs of CPAs and accounting practices across the industry. Our team of experienced banking professionals takes the time to understand your firm’s goals, pain points, and financial requirements so we can recommend products and services to help your business thrive now and in the future.

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Meeting Your Lending and Financing Needs

Whether your accounting practice is large or small, we have flexible bank loan options to provide your business with the capital it needs to finance growth.

Our wide range of commercial loans allows us to meet the diverse needs of CPA firms at any stage of development. We offer revolving lines of credit to help manage cash flow, acquisition financing for expanding your client base, commercial real estate loans for office spaces, and small business loans that can provide favorable interest rates and terms for qualifying small businesses.

In addition to great business loan products, we also provide deposit services, merchant services, remote check deposits, and more to help accounting companies maximize efficiency and profitability. Our team of banking professionals takes a consultative approach, getting to know your firm and financial goals so we can recommend the optimal financing options based on your financial statements and needs.

Managing Cash Flow Throughout the Year

Managing cash flow can be a significant challenge for many Certified Public Accountants and accounting practices. The workflow and revenue of most accounting companies fluctuate heavily throughout the year based on tax seasons and reporting deadlines.

We understand the funding ups and downs accounting professionals face and can provide access to financing, such as revolving credit lines, that give you increased flexibility. Our lending specialists will partner with you to understand your cash cycles and structure financing to align with your revenue streams.

Whether you need help covering payroll and expenses during slower months or want to expand your team to manage increased tax season demands, we can tailor lending solutions like business loans to help you effectively manage money flow. With the right financing strategy, your firm can thrive year-round.

Funding Office Renovations or New Space

As your accounting or CPA firm grows, you may find yourself needing to renovate your current office space or move into larger premises altogether. However, funding expansions can be challenging without the right financing.

Sunwest Bank offers commercial real estate loans that can fund the purchase or renovation of office buildings and professional spaces for your accounting practice. We understand how imperative the right office environment is for productivity and culture, and we want to help make your ideal workspace a reality.

Our real estate lending experts can help you identify the right loan product and amount for your office space goals and guide you through the financing process. Whether you need to build out a new suite of offices or redo the layout of your current space, we’re here to provide the funding you need to create an optimal workspace.

Access to Financing for Your Clients

As accounting professionals, you often act as trusted advisors for small business customers. Part of serving their needs is helping them find financing options so they can take their company to the next level.

Sunwest Bank provides a full range of lending options for small and medium-sized businesses. Whether your client needs funding flow assistance, funds for expansion or equipment, or even help navigating the SBA loan application process, our experts can guide them through it.

We understand the needs of small business owners because we work with them every day. Our loan officers will get to know your client’s business and provide tailored financing options to help them achieve their goals.

As your banking partner, we can serve as an extension of your client services – providing the financing expertise and options your customers need to grow. Our work together provides a unified approach to fully support your customer’s success.

An Array of Business Banking Solutions

In addition to lending, Sunwest Bank also provides a robust suite of banking and financial services designed to meet the needs of CPAs and accounting professionals.

For day-to-day banking, we offer business checking and savings accounts with online access and remote deposit capabilities to help your firm manage finances efficiently. We have merchant services that accept payments from clients and customers to simplify your receivables. Our ACH services make sending and receiving regular payments straightforward.

On top of everyday banking essentials, we also provide international services and fraud protection programs to help safeguard your firm’s assets and financial health from all angles.

Our team takes a comprehensive approach – assessing your firm’s complete financial picture so we can offer an integrated array of banking products and services. This full-service partnership provides end-to-end support to help strengthen your accounting practice.

A Banking Team That Understands Your Needs

We have years of experience working with CPAs and accountants, and we understand the intricacies of running an accounting firm and managing finances from an accounting professional’s perspective. Our team specializes in working with accounting firms and professionals because we have first-hand experience with your needs.

From optimizing cash flow to financing expansions and serving clients, we have tailored options that align with your firm’s pain points and objectives. Our banking experts take time to get to know your business and provide recommendations based on what will work best, not what makes us the most money.

At Sunwest Bank, you’re not just another client. Our goal is to provide a personalized approach and become a trusted partner invested in your firm’s growth and success. We’re here to provide the financial support and guidance you need when you need it.

Supporting Your Firm at Every Stage

Whether your accounting practice is a small firm just getting started or an established business with decades in operation, Sunwest has the products, services, and people to help your company succeed.

For emerging CPA firms, we understand the obstacles of launching a new business and can provide critical assistance with startup costs, equipment purchases, and managing irregular early flow of funds. Our lending solutions, like SBA loans, are designed to help fledgling practices stabilize and grow.

For well-established firms, we offer capital for expansion into new markets and services and wealth management guidance to help partners plan for retirement and ownership transitions as baby boomers exit the workforce. Our experts have worked with leading accounting firms for years and understand the evolving needs of mature businesses.

We aim to understand your firm’s unique position at every stage and provide tailored options to help your business reach the next level. Whether you’re just starting or building on decades of success, we have the banking products and perspective to help your accounting practice flourish.

Let Us Help Strengthen Your Practice

As your business partners, we want to see your firm grow and succeed for years to come. Sunwest Bank offers commercial lending, banking services, and financial expertise to help CPA firms and accounting practices expand their client base, optimize operations, and plan for the future.

Unlike many other banks and financial institutions, our team spends time understanding your business priorities so we can provide recommendations tailored to your needs, not a one-size-fits-all approach. We become trusted advisors invested in your success.

Contact us today to learn more about partnering with a bank that understands the CPA world. We’re ready to help strengthen your accounting firm with smart financial solutions.