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ACH Payment Processing Services


Automated Clearing House, commonly called ACH, is one of the most popular, most secure electronic payment networks in the US. More than $45 trillion was processed via ACH in 2017. It is normally used to do things such as payroll, bank to bank transfers of funds, large business to business transactions, and service provider payments. Don’t go through the hassle of writing checks or the costliness of wires.

  • Pay your suppliers in the US through either single or batch payments
  • Automate payroll deposits to your employees’ accounts
  • Pay state and federal taxes
  • Receive payments
  • Automate funds transfers between your Sunwest accounts and other banks

In order to make ACH credits (payments), we will need the name of the bank, the type of account, the bank’s ABA routing numbers, as well as the individual account number.

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