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Property Management Banking & Loan Options

Property Management Banking
from Experts You Can Trust

At Sunwest Bank, we make property management banking easy for real estate companies and property managers. With almost 50 years as a leading property and real estate management provider, we offer solutions tailored to your business needs and goals. Our experienced team stays up to date on industry trends and regulations to provide tailored solutions to property management companies of all sizes.

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Property Management Solutions

Simplify daily operations with bank accounts and tools designed specifically for your property management company. Our industry specialists understand the intricacies of property management trust accounts, reserve funds, and managing cash flow across multiple investment properties. Optimizing your banking for maximum efficiency will be our top priority.

We help establish strict protocols to prevent fraud and ensure transparency for property owners. With remote deposit, electronic payments, and integrated reporting, we make banking efficient so you can focus on your tenants and manage your real estate assets. Our corporate online banking platform provides real-time visibility to monitor activity anytime, anywhere.

Our property management bankers become an extension of your team with insights tailored to your business. We’ll review your current banking setup and pain points. Then, we’ll recommend solutions to optimize efficiency, cash flow, and compliance. We stay up to date on the latest fintech solutions to suggest ways to improve productivity.

Streamlined Accounting

Reduce headaches with checking, savings, and cash management accounts created for property managers. Specialized features and benefits include:

  • Interest-earning accounts with competitive interest rates to maximize returns on your idle money
  • Remote deposit capture so clients can bank anytime, anywhere
  • Electronic payments that hit your account faster, reducing collection hassles

We’ll help you select the right mix of accounts to simplify accounting, improve cash flow, and get interest income to boost your bottom line. You can consolidate multiple accounts into one integrated platform. With our user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms, you can easily monitor all your accounts in one place to simplify accounting and financial management.

Compliance Support You Can Trust

We stay current on changing regulations, so compliance never slows you down:

  • Separate trust accounts to keep your deposits protected
  • Send automated 1099 tax reporting for audit readiness
  • Provide updates on regulatory changes affecting your business

With fraud prevention controls, we maintain transparency around reserve funds and security deposits. Count on us for responsible solutions that ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

Property Management Loans That Fuel Growth

When you’re ready to expand your company or portfolio of investment properties, acquire a competitor, or fund renovations, we have tailored lending solutions to fuel growth:

  • SBA Loans up to $5 million
  • Flexible lines of credit
  • Term loans for upgrades and repairs

Our specialists will help you access the capital and financing you need while responsibly managing debt. We help you achieve your growth goals with personalized guidance, competitive rates, and exceptional service. We understand the unique needs of property management companies and can structure loan products accordingly, whether you need to purchase more properties, upgrade existing assets, or fund operations.


Protect your funds and maximize returns with secure, FDIC-insured deposit accounts tailored to property management companies. Our premium interest rates and robust cash management features keep your money working hard for your business.

We offer institutional CD and money market rates to grow your idle balances safely. And tools like CDARS increase FDIC coverage on large deposits so your money stays protected. With FDIC insurance up to $250,000 per depositor, your funds remain safe with us.

Treasury Management

Let our bank handle the daily accounting so you can focus on managing your properties and tenants. Our online platform offers convenient features like:

  • Remote deposit from any device
  • Electronic payments that credit faster
  • Positive pay and real-time alerts to prevent fraud

Our experts become an extension of your finance team to optimize cash flow and financial management. You’ll have complete visibility into all accounts in one easy-to-use dashboard. With robust reporting, you’ll have the insights to make strategic decisions for your property management company.

Featured Property Management Insights

Access expertise from our team of property management banking specialists who understand your business:

  • Optimizing cash flow across multiple properties
  • Protecting security deposits and reserve funds
  • Ensuring compliance as regulations change
  • Preventing fraud with strict controls
  • Simplifying accounting with integrated reporting

Consider us an extension of your team here to see you succeed. At Sunwest Bank, we have decades of experience and knowledge in the property management industry and can provide valuable insights and tailored solutions.

Our Property Management Financing Experts

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Senior Vice President
Director, Business Banking &
Treasury Management

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Associate Vice President
HOA Onboarding Specialist

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Vice President
HOA Relationship Manager
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Vice President
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Associate Vice President
HOA Implementation Specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions about Property Management

What should I look for in a bank for property management needs?

Look at banks that offer businesses industry-specific professionals and services that meet property management industry needs, like trust accounts, integrated reporting and software, fees, and remote deposit.

How can you help me grow my property management company?

Our tailored lending solutions give our clients the capital to expand their property portfolios. We provide the banking tools to improve efficiency and scale. Finally, we have experienced Relationship Managers that will walk you through the growth path of your business.

How can I ensure legal compliance?

We simplify the process by automating 1099 tax reporting annually we keep security deposits in a separate account.

How do SBA loans help expand my business?

Our SBA loans of up to $5 million allow you to acquire more investment properties and gain market share.

How does integration technology help me save time and money?

The technology integration between your management company software and the bank streamlines your financial processes by enabling all banking tasks within your chosen software. This accelerates the monthly financial reporting process, saving time and money.

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