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Tiered Super Savings Money Market Accounts

The Benefits of Tiered Super Savings Money Market Accounts for Your Business

Sunwest’s Tiered Super Savings Money Market accounts can significantly benefit business banking and cash management. We offer a competitive Tiered Super Savings Money Market Account to help your company earn interest at higher rates as your account balance grows.

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Tiered Super Savings

What is a Tiered Savings Account?

A tiered savings account provides interest rates tied to deposit tiers. As your average monthly balance increases, the annual percentage yield (APY) increases incrementally. Typically, there are 3-5 predefined balance tiers, each with an assigned and progressively higher interest rate. This tiered incentive encourages customers to grow their savings deposits to maximize earned interest over time.


Why Choose a Tiered Savings Money Market Account?

Tiered rate accounts can offer better returns than basic savings accounts with fixed interest rates. As your organization’s liquid assets and idle cash reserves increase, a tiered savings vehicle ensures your money works more brilliantly through incremental interest boosts.


  • Higher interest potential – Tiered rate accounts allow you to earn more interest and a higher APY as your balance grows. This flexible tiered interest rate structure rewards more significant balances with better yields.
  • Interest scale aligned to balance – Balances and interest earned work in tandem. By aligning interest rates to predefined balance tiers, your returns scale directly alongside your saved amounts.
  • Cash flow optimization – Tiered accounts incentivize incremental savings that, in turn, drive better cash utilization through compounding interest earnings. This supports improved liquidity management.
  • Account simplicity – While offering adjustable interest rates tied to balances, tiered savings vehicles are as easy to use as basic savings accounts. Features like debit cards, online banking access, and unlimited withdrawals provide convenience.
Tiered Super Savings

Sunwest Bank’s Tiered Super Savings Money Market Account

As a preferred business banking partner, Sunwest Bank offers a Tiered Super Savings Money Market Account with interest rates aligned to savings tiers. Depending on your account’s average monthly or daily balance, annual percentage yields can be earned on a tiered basis. With this advantageous type of structure, your enterprise can optimize idle cash and short-term reserves to:

  • Accelerate returns through higher interest rates
  • Improve liquidity management as balances grow
  • Streamline cash flow strategic planning

Sunwest Bank handles all the complexities of a tiered interest rate system behind the scenes. As an account holder, your organization benefits automatically from rising returns as you earn more money and your savings balance reaches each new tier.

Comparing Tiered Savings Against Other Account Types

Financial institutions like Sunwest Bank offer various savings and deposit products to suit business needs. How do tiered savings money market accounts stack up to alternatives like essential savings, traditional money market, and high-yield accounts offered by other banks or credit unions?

Basic Savings Accounts

Traditional savings accounts provide account holders with simplicity and fundamental features like debit cards, check writing, and standard yields. However, most basic savings only deliver:

  • Fixed, lower interest rate
  • Limited earning potential

With a tiered savings vehicle, your enterprise can take advantage of ascending interest rates through built-in tiers without added complexity. This provides better optimization of cash assets as your balance increases.

High Yield Savings Accounts

A high-yield savings account offers higher fixed interest rates than basic bank deposit options. However, accounts are limited to a single determined interest rate rather than adjustable tiered interest rates.

Sunwest Bank’s tiered account matches top high-yield options up to specified balance thresholds. By incorporating incremental rate tiers, our account can drive significantly higher APY earnings as your balance expands above $250,000.

Money Market Accounts

Money market accounts offer enhanced yields over essential savings products. However, traditional money market accounts have relatively lower interest rates than high-yield and tiered savings alternatives.

Additionally, money market accounts often have:

  • A higher minimum balance requirement ($2,500+)
  • Limits on monthly withdrawals (6 or less)

Conversely, Sunwest Bank’s tiered savings account offers simplified transactions with no caps on monthly activity. Our tiered product also supports higher yield potential by aligning rates directly to your balance.

Who Can Benefit?

Who Can Benefit from a Tiered Savings Account?

Any business type or industry can benefit from utilizing a tiered rate savings vehicle based on operating liquidity needs and cash flow circumstances.

A tiered savings account can potentially improve returns over alternative options depending on average balances maintained and interest optimization goals.

For seasonal industries like agriculture or retail, tiered rate savings accounts present flexibility to maximize interest income during peak periods of operational cash inflows. Services businesses with variable working capital needs may also capitalize on better yields during months of highest capital reserves.

Additionally, organizations focused on building emergency funds, short-term deposits, or interim holdings for future capital investment can target improved returns through tiered account structures.


Key Features of Sunwest’s Tiered Savings Account

To deliver maximum business banking value, Sunwest Bank offers robust features with our Tiered Super Savings Money Market Account:

  • Four balance tiers – We provide four interest rate tiers, allowing a more significant APY increase potential
  • $100 minimum opening deposit – Our tiered account carries a low initial deposit requirement to start earning
  • Unlimited withdrawals – No restrictions on monthly account activity for seamless access
  • FDIC insured – Account balances have federal deposit insurance up to allowable limits
  • Online banking/bill pay – Check balances and initiate transfers digitally 24/7
  • Accessibility – Support for withdrawals via check, debit, transfer, or in-person

Frequently Asked Questions

For further details on Sunwest Bank’s tiered savings account offering and how your enterprise can benefit, explore answers to some frequently asked questions:

What dictates what interest rate tier I earn?

To determine your applicable interest rate tier, Sunwest Bank calculates the average monthly balance in your bank account. As this amount changes and reaches defined tier thresholds, you automatically earn the higher published APY for that tier.

What are the differences compared to a fixed rate account?

Our tiered interest rate structure aligns rates directly to your incremental account balance instead of a predetermined fixed yield. This allows your actual returns to scale alongside your savings without opening multiple accounts.

How do I track what tier I fall into each month?

Through Sunwest Bank’s online banking and mobile app, you can check current monthly yields earned and prior statements showing historical tiered interest payouts.

What happens if my balance fluctuates above or below a tier?

If your average monthly balance decreases or increases across tier thresholds from one month to the next, your applicable interest rate automatically adjusts higher or lower accordingly.

Start Optimizing Cash Holdings with a Tiered Rate Account Today

Using a tiered savings product can help your enterprise improve yields based on current liquidity positions and strategic goals for capital accumulation. With Sunwest Bank’s Tiered Super Savings Money Market Account, your business can begin taking advantage of higher incremental interest rates as your organization’s savings balances expand.

To open an account and discuss how tiered rate savings accounts can amplify your cash growth, contact us today.