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Corporate Financing & Loan Options

Corporate Financing:
Your Strategic Partner for Growth and Success

Introduction to Sunwest Bank’s Corporate Finance Services
At Sunwest Bank, we understand the complexities and challenges of managing a business’s financial needs. Our Corporate Finance Division is dedicated to being more than a capital financing provider; we aim to be a trusted financial partner invested in empowering your company’s success. Focusing on middle market companies, we offer a customized range of corporate finance services tailored to satisfy our clients’ distinct needs and objectives. Our corporate finance professionals leverage exceptional expertise across capital budgeting, financial modeling, equity financing options, working capital optimization, cash flow analysis, capital investment decisions, and more to deliver solutions for growth, capital investments, acquisitions, operations, and changing circumstances.

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Understanding Corporate Financing

Corporate financing includes mechanisms that give companies access to financial resources, capital market relationships, and monetary tools to fund operations, asset purchases, strategic endeavors, and obligations. It encompasses raising funds from investors and financial institutions to enable business activities while strategically optimizing a company’s capital structure with the right mix of equity and debt financing to foster growth.


What is Corporate Financing?

Corporate financing refers to the procedures that allow enterprises to access the capital necessary to function, expand, and manage threats. It entails varied functions like share issuances to raise capital, capital budgeting, cash flow administration, asset valuation, investment analysis, procuring bank loans and debt securities, managing relationships with financial institutions, and employing other financial mechanisms to fuel corporate endeavors while augmenting shareholder value.

Corporate Financing

The Pillars of Corporate Finance

Corporate finance rests on four central pillars:

  1. Investment Decisions: Determining which improvement projects, acquisitions, operations enhancements, and asset procurement a company should pursue based on risk, returns, plan alignment, cost of capital, cash flows, and impact on shareholder value.
  2. Financing Decisions: The optimal blend of financial resources from stock issuance to debt securities that minimize the cost of capital while adequately funding corporate operating and investing ambitions.
  3. Dividend Decisions: Suitable distribution of business profit to shareholders balanced with sufficient retained earnings for reinvestment and maintaining financial health.
  4. Working Capital Management: Optimizing short-term assets like accounts receivable and inventory positioning balanced with accessible lines of credit to ensure the company has adequate cash for daily financial needs and obligations.

These pillars represent the core categories of ongoing strategic analysis and corporate finance decision-making. Our team of experts actively engages with clients across these areas.

Our Corporate Finance Services

Sunwest Bank’s corporate finance services encompass tailored financing solutions and hands-on guidance to address capital needs for growth, investment, operations, and changing market conditions.


Tailored Loan Solutions
Our corporate finance loan offerings range from $1 million to $10 million and are designed for companies with a minimum EBITDA of $1 million. We cater to businesses with an established operating history. Our flexible and customized loan solutions include:

  • Acquisition Financing: Funding for strategic mergers and purchases
  • Recapitalizations: Restructuring of ownership through buying out stakeholders
  • Working Capital Loans: Asset-based revolving lines of credit to fund daily operations
  • ESOP Financing: Employee Stock Ownership Plan funding
  • Equipment Financing: Loans or leases for essential equipment and machinery

We prioritize understanding clients’ objectives, constraints, and risk tolerances in providing loans. Our expertise lies in structuring tailored debt products aligned to unique needs.


Acquisition Financing and Growth Capital
Beyond loans, we have extensive experience providing corporations with the financing needed to fund strategic acquisitions and planned investments to fuel growth. Our team ensures smooth acquisition processes by leveraging our structuring capabilities and debt arrangement expertise. We offer growth capital financing options enabling companies to enter new markets, expand facilities, or optimize operations. Solutions include asset-based lending, cash flow lending, and equity financing partnerships.

Recapitalizations and Buyouts
Sunwest Bank offers strategic financing solutions for companies and private equity firms seeking to restructure ownership through recapitalizations or buyouts. We leverage exceptional market knowledge and flexible capital partnerships to facilitate transactions in a manner that addresses the specific opportunities and challenges involved.


Innovative Credit Products
We also offer innovative credit products like mezzanine debt and creative financing solutions to support crucial business endeavors. Our focus is crafting products aligned with our clients’ objectives and constraints. We combine deep financing expertise with an entrepreneurial perspective.


Why Choose Sunwest Bank?
Here’s what sets Sunwest Bank’s corporate finance services apart.


Responsive and Nimble

Our boutique-style service methodology and entrepreneurial culture enable responsive, elegant execution. We provide direct access to decision-makers, ensuring prompt assessment and answers for time-sensitive needs.


Custom Structures and Specialized Expertise

Our flexible and customized credit products are designed to address unique client challenges. Our specialized expertise stems from experience across investment banking, commercial banking, and alternative lending. This translates to creative problem-solving and optimal financing outcomes tailored to distinct circumstances.


A Partnership Approach

We view lending relationships as strategic win-win partnerships, not just transactional interactions. Our financing strategies focus on maintaining healthy client cash flows over longer tenures aligned with a shared risk philosophy. We balance prudence with understanding, structuring risk-sharing creatively to make complex deals work.


Diverse Sector Experience

Our corporate banking services have served companies across technology, business services, manufacturing, distribution, consumer products, healthcare, hospitality, food and beverage, and many other sectors.

Your Strategic Partner in Corporate Finance

Sunwest Bank is committed to being your trusted ally on the corporate finance journey – not just another lender but a valued partner invested in your success. Contact us to start a conversation about how we can help propel your business forward with tailored solutions and unmatched expertise in corporate financing. Trust Sunwest Bank to understand your needs and guide you with experience, agility, and flexible capital. Let us help ensure you have the financial resources and funding strategies to drive enduring growth and profitability.

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To learn more about Sunwest Bank’s specialized corporate finance services or discuss financing for your business, contact our experts for a consultation. We look forward to helping your company secure optimal funding tailored to your growth initiatives, capital investments, operations, acquisitions, and changing market conditions. Our goal is crafting win-win financing partnerships through understanding, creativity, and responsiveness. Contact us to start the conversation.