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Remote Deposit Capture for Businesses

Streamline Your Operations
with Business Remote Deposit Capture

Running a small business requires juggling many responsibilities. Business owners have a lot on their plates between managing employees, serving customers, keeping the books, and handling day-to-day operations. One time-consuming task that adds stress is making bank runs to deposit checks. With remote deposit capture, there’s a better way!

Remote digital check deposits allow you to deposit checks from your office computer by scanning images of checks and transmitting them digitally to the bank. This convenient service saves small business owners time and eliminates hassle. No more rushing to the bank before closing time or waiting in a long line for service over lunch to get your deposits in. You can scan a check as soon as it arrives and make deposits on your schedule, even after regular business hours. And, if you don’t process enough check payments to require a scanner, use our Business Mobile Deposit to deposit them with your smartphone.

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How Does Remote Deposit Capture Work?

Thanks to the Check 21 law passed in 2004, banks can now accept digital images of checks for deposit instead of requiring the original physical checks to be presented.

For a small monthly fee, Sunwest Bank provides a small desktop check scanner that you can connect to your computer. These scanners can quickly scan batches of checks, and some feature built-in endorsement and franking functions to stamp the checks as they are scanned.

After scanning your checks, check images and data are securely transmitted over the internet to the bank’s systems using encryption. The bank receives the check images for deposit as if they were the original paper checks. Once received, funds are deposited into your account like any other regular deposit.

With remote deposit capture, you can use your scanner to send check deposits anytime – from your office or remote locations – which allows you to save time and make fewer trips to the bank.


What Are the Key Benefits?

Switching to remote check deposit offers many advantages for businesses:

  • Spend less time driving to the bank and waiting in line during business hours when you could provide service to your clients.
  • Provides the convenience of sending check images anytime from the comfort of your work site or office.
  • Allows faster access to funds, even from checks deposited after regular service hours.
  • Reduces spend associated with gas, vehicle wear and tear, and misplaced checks.
  • Improves security by eliminating the need to transport paper checks to make a deposit.
  • Increases efficiency and cash flow by letting you deposit and process checks as soon as they come in.

Using remote deposit saves time, improves cash flow management, and streamlines operations for small businesses.

How Do Businesses Get Started with Remote Deposit?

To start making remote deposits, businesses need:

  • A check scanner provided by Sunwest Bank for a small monthly fee.
  • A business checking account that is enabled for remote deposit.
  • A PC with an internet connection to securely transmit check image data.

Once set up, use the scanner to process check batches as needed throughout the week and submit the payment data and deposits.

Enjoy the Many Benefits

With RDC from Sunwest Bank, you can securely deposit checks anytime while lowering costs and freeing up your schedule. Enjoy convenient access and faster funds available to manage and improve cash flow. Contact us today for more details and to get started using remote deposit. Let’s work together to see the value it can create for your business!

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