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A True In-house Lockbox Provider

When your business processes a huge volume of checks, it places a large burden on your bookkeeper or accounting team, and cash flow bottlenecks can be the result. With our Custom Lockbox Solution, you have all your checks mailed to our PO box, where a courier delivers them to Sunwest daily. From there we process them and credit your account the same day the checks are received.

Sunwest Bank is truly one of the only institutions to manage Lockbox in-house. Our Lockbox staff has decades of experience with homeowners associations and property management companies. We understand the needs of these organizations extremely well. Due to our size, our solution is flexible and can be tailored to meet your criteria, and low monthly fees make our Lockbox more affordable to small and mid-sized businesses.

Features Include:

  • All Lockbox clients are provided a daily detail and summary report of all payment activity. Clients can be provided additional non-standard data in reports if needed
  • One post office box for property management companies regardless of how many associations they provide services for
  • Low Monthly Maintenance Fee
  • Flat Monthly Transmission Fee
  • With Online Exception Handling, you can view coupons and checks in real-time with the Sunwest Bank Online Portal. Clients can either provide the proper account number or request that the transaction not be processed but forwarded to them for further handling.
  • You are provided a unique subdomain to share with your customers. Here they can create a profile, add or change payment methods, as well as make payments.
  • Familiar with multiple accounting software file formats, reports can be given in most any format client requests

Sunwest Bank’s Lockbox product is flexible and tailored to meet the needs of each client. With a host of features and options to choose from, clients are sure to find the right mix to fulfill their needs.

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