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Solar Projects

Solar Power

Solar Loan

Solar loans allow building owners to take advantage of tax credits and depreciation. Solar loans deliver lower energy costs and increased Net Operating Income. Capital for the solar system and installation is borrowed from a lender and paid back over time with interest, which provides the borrower with several benefits:


  • The borrower owns the system and can apply for tax credits and incentives
  • Solar loans have low down payments and often deliver 120% return of equity through tax credits and accelerated depreciation
  • The monthly savings from a solar loan are likely to be higher than the savings from a solar lease or PPA

Solar Lease

A solar lease allows building owners to lower energy costs and increase net operating income without the need for immediate ownership. It also allows a building owner to obtain ownership at the end of the lease term. The lessor maintains the system over the duration of the contract and charges a fixed fee to the building owner every month for using the system. The benefits of a solar lease include:


  • Low upfront payments that start at 10% of leased equipment value
  • Lessor pays maintenance and repair costs for the system
  • Reduced acquisition cost at the end of lease term

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