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Commercial Bridge Loans

Unlock Opportunities with Sunwest Bank’s
Bridge Loan Program

At Sunwest Bank, we understand the need for flexible commercial bridge financing to help commercial real estate investors and developers capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities. We offer one of the top commercial bridge loan programs to finance acquisitions and renovations before securing permanent financing. Our commercial bridge loans provide rapid funding and strategic leverage to unlock potential in your properties.

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How Our Commercial Bridge Loans Work

TOur commercial bridge loan program provides temporary financing for purchasing or rehabilitating commercial real estate. We designed these loans to allow you to act quickly on deals and improve properties to stabilize income and value.

Once you complete renovations and lease-up, our commercial bridge loans can be refinanced into longer-term commercial mortgages with Sunwest Bank. This end-to-end process boosts returns and builds lasting value from your commercial real estate project.

Some key features of our program include:

  • Competitive loan amounts – We offer financing up to $50 million for major commercial projects and redevelopment deals.
  • Flexible leverage – Our commercial bridge loans provide up to 75% loan-to-cost ratios to maximize your buying power and renovation capital.
  • Speedy processing – Our efficient underwriting facilitates some of the fastest commercial bridge loan approvals to help you capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities.
  • Construction oversight – We administer construction loan disbursements in-house for smooth oversight of your renovation projects.
  • Earnouts – We have the ability to increase your loan amount based on increases in operating performance.

Our high leverage, rapid funding, and seamless processes equip you to acquire, upgrade, and stabilize properties quickly so you can maximize opportunities.

Why Choose a Sunwest Bank Commercial Bridge Loan?

Beyond our flexible loan structures, Sunwest Bank’s program provides these key advantages:

  • Local expertise – Our bankers understand various regional markets, resulting in financing that aligns with regional opportunities.
  • Renovation financing – The short-term flexibility is ideal for significant renovations and modernizations.
  • Built-in refinancing – We provide the option to refinance into permanent loans with Sunwest upon rehab completion.
  • Speed – Our efficient processes allow for some of the fastest commercial bridge loan closing timelines.
  • High leverage – We offer flexibility to fund deals and improvements.
  • Construction efficiency – Our in-house construction draw administration removes hassles and delays.

Our commercial bridge loans provide speed, flexibility, and market expertise so you can confidently pursue opportunities.

Which Commercial Assets Benefit from Bridge Loans?

Sunwest Bank offers financing up to a loan amount of $50 million. This wide range makes our bridge loan program suitable for many commercial real estate asset types, including:

  • Office spaces – Finance upgrades to modernize office layouts, tech capabilities, and amenities.
  • Retail centers – Bridge financing enables renovations to reposition struggling retail properties or additional capital improvements such as the build-out pads.
  • Multifamily housing – Complete renovations and capture the upside by boosting rental premiums.
  • Industrial assets – Upgrade functionality of warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial facilities.
  • Hospitality – Refresh hotels and bring new life into restaurants or mixed-use spaces.
  • Land development – Prepare land for ground-up construction of commercial projects.

Our commercial bridge loans can help you unlock potential in all types of commercial real estate.

How Can Commercial Bridge Loans Boost Your Returns?

By utilizing Sunwest Bank’s commercial bridge loans, you can implement strategic renovations to commercial property to maximize returns:

  • Enhanced rental income – Renovations allow landlords to achieve higher rents after improvements.
  • Increased occupancy – Upgraded spaces attract tenants faster for stabilized occupancy.
  • Efficient leverage – Commercial bridge loan capital enables renovations while freeing up more of your equity for other uses.
  • Quicker stabilization – Fast project funding facilitates completing upgrades rapidly so improved spaces can be rented quickly.
  • Capitalizing on distressed assets – Bridge financing lets you snap up distressed or undervalued properties and reposition them into thriving assets.
  • Improved property value – Strategic renovations boost asset value, enabling larger permanent loans.

Our rapid, flexible commercial bridge loans empower you to upgrade assets faster so you can begin generating improved returns quicker.

Flexible Terms to Fit Your Needs

Beyond competitive loan amounts exceeding $20 million, we offer flexible terms tailored to you:

  • Up to 3-year terms – We provide ample time to execute business plans.
  • Competitive interest rates – Our bridge loan rates are very attractive, especially given the speed and leverage.
  • Interest-only payments – Interest-only periods align payments with your project timeline.
  • No prepayment penalties – Refinance with us anytime without penalties.
  • Streamlined qualifications – We aim to provide financing to creditworthy borrowers even if they don’t meet every traditional criteria.
  • Fast approvals – Our efficient underwriting means funding in days or weeks, not months.

We’re committed to structuring commercial bridge loans with repayment terms that meet your unique needs.

Why Work with Sunwest Bank?

In addition to our bridge loan expertise, Sunwest Bank delivers several advantages:

  • Full-service capabilities – Beyond commercial bridge loans, we provide commercial real estate loans, construction loans, and personalized banking services.
  • Local market knowledge – Our bankers leverage in-depth knowledge of Southwest markets.
  • Flexible lending – We take a customized approach to serve clients, not just rigidly following formulas.
  • Relationship focus – We invest in understanding your vision to deliver financial solutions that help you achieve goals.
  • Reliability – With total assets over $2.7 billion and 50+ years in business, we provide stable options.
  • Smooth processes – Our streamlined systems and department coordination provide an easy loan process.

We strive to build long-term relationships and create win-win opportunities.

Partner with an Experienced Lender

Commercial bridge loan lenders are not created equal. Choose a lender like Sunwest Bank, which has extensive expertise in bridge lending. Our experienced team makes the process smooth:

  • Knowledgeable bankers – Our bankers understand the intricacies of bridge loans to structure optimal financing.
  • Efficient underwriting – We underwrite thoroughly yet rapidly to deliver approvals fast.
  • Coordinated processes – Our streamlined systems between departments ensure speed.
  • Convenient construction draw management – We handle draws in-house for faster project oversight.
  • Flexible refinancing – Transition easily to Sunwest Bank for permanent loans.
  • Smooth payoffs – Our coordination enables easy commercial bridge loan payoffs.

By choosing an experienced lender like Sunwest Bank, you benefit from proven systems and repeat success to optimize the process.

Let Our Expertise Unlock Potential

With extensive bridge lending experience, Sunwest Bank can help you capitalize on opportunities. Our full range of business loan capabilities includes:

  • Bridge loans – Rapid financing for acquisitions and renovations.
  • Permanent lending – Long-term mortgages upon stabilization and lease-up.
  • Construction loans – Finance ground-up retail, office, mixed-use development, and more.
  • Commercial real estate lending – Loans beyond bridge and construction financing.
  • Business banking – Accounts, cash management, and more for your company.
  • Personal banking – Serving you and your family beyond your business.

We provide end-to-end solutions to support your financial needs and strategic growth.

Partner with Sunwest Bank to Unlock Potential

Sunwest Bank delivers one of the top bridge loan programs for short-term financing to purchase, redevelop, or renovate commercial real estate assets. Our expert bankers, streamlined processes, and flexible loan terms create immense client value.

Bridge loans provide a springboard to seize opportunities and generate prosperity. By partnering with Sunwest Bank, you gain a significant competitive advantage to upgrade assets, stabilize income streams, and maximize returns.

We invite you to connect with our team to learn more about how our bridge loan program can unlock potential in your next commercial real estate venture. Let’s start a conversation about financing your vision.