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Carson Lappetito

Carson LappetitoCarson Lappetito


Carson Lappetito serves as President and Director of Sunwest Bank. He also serves as president and director of its parent company, H Bancorp. As President of Sunwest Bank, Mr. Lappetito manages the bank’s day-to-day operations, which now has $2.7 billion in assets. During his tenure, the bank has grown significantly and transformed itself into a regional business bank through M&A, enhancing the customer experience, and building innovative technology. Over this period, the bank increased assets by 198%, deposits by 197% and loans by 145%.

Before the formation of H Bancorp, he served as Vice President of Hovde Private Equity Advisors, where he was responsible for analyzing and valuing investment opportunities and assisting portfolio companies with M&A, operational strategy, investment management, and ALCO. Previously, Mr. Lappetito was assistant portfolio manager for Hovde Capital Advisors, a long/short hedge fund focused on investing in the financial services sector. Before joining Hovde, he held roles at Darling Consulting Group, advising financial institutions on asset liability management, valuation, risk management, and strategic planning.

Mr. Lappetito is also a co-founder and General Partner of BankTech Ventures. He is an active investor in multiple companies at various stages of their growth. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Revio, a bank-focused data technology company that delivers AI-based revenue and customer solutions.

He is actively involved in the Sunwest Bank Charitable Foundation, which focuses on ensuring the care of vulnerable children and families. The foundation has granted over $3.8 million to support families and children worldwide.

Mr. Lappetito graduated from Bates College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science with a minor in Mandarin Chinese.