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Community Reinvestment Act

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Community Reinvestment Act

Sunwest Bank is committed to meeting the credit needs of communities by lending to small businesses, including those in low-to-moderate income communities, and financing larger projects that create jobs, increase affordable housing, and provide essential community services to low-to-moderate individuals and communities.

Giving Back is one of Sunwest Bank’s core principles, and all employees are encouraged to participate in efforts to support the community through the Bank’s service program, #SunwestServes.

#SunwestServes operates in alignment with both the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and the Sunwest Bank Charitable Foundation’s core focus of caring for vulnerable children and families and supporting nonprofit organizations that meet food, housing, health, safety, and educational needs.

At Sunwest Bank, our employees are the driving force behind our service program. This creates unique opportunities to leverage diverse strengths, find commonalities among needs in different communities, and more efficiently empower underserved populations.


Through #SunwestServes, our employees have significantly impacted the communities we serve over the past year.


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