Why Silicon Valley Bank Failed

Our CEO, Eric Hovde, provides analysis of the recent Silicon Valley Bank failure. Learn about the “cardinal sin” of banking made by Silicon Valley Bank. He also answers the question, “How could the nation’s 16th largest bank collapse so quickly?”

Eric addresses the “poor decisions” and “cardinal sin” of banking that proved to be Silicon Valley Bank’s undoing. Most importantly, Eric states why Sunwest Bank differs from most financial institutions due to its “Fortress Balance Sheet,” which features exceptional capital ratios (nearly double the average of regional and national banks), ample amounts of liquidity, and ultra-disciplined credit underwriting. Our clients are positively cash-flowing businesses that are not dependent upon venture capital investing or other types of third-party capital.

Nationwide, there are more than 4,200 FDIC-insured banks. History has shown us, and the Silicon Valley Bank failure powerfully reminds us, that all banks and banking practices are not created equal. Some well-managed and forward-thinking financial institutions, like Sunwest Bank, are built to endure and keep lending – even amid tough economic times.

We have been a bank partner to small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs for more than 54 years and Eric makes it clear that Sunwest Bank will continue to be a beacon of financial strength in both favorable and difficult economic times.