Personal Banking


Sunwest Bank's online CD (Certificate of Deposit) program combines FDIC insurance coverage with high rates of return.

Community Manager Benefits

Hassle-Free Account Management

At maturity, funds are automatically deposited into the associations account and are available for reinvestment.

Instant E-mail Updates

The user sets a notification date from one (1) to sixty (60) days in advance of maturity to keep up-to-date.

Powerful User Management Interface

The community manager can set up users at each association at their discretion.


No new signature cards are needed each time a transaction is completed. Only the initial Sunwest Bank CD Fund Placement CD need be completed and signed.

Management Company Benefits

CD Purchase Tracking

The system can track CDs purchased through the Sunwest Bank system as well as others already placed elsewhere. This adds the convenience of one report and helps protect FDIC insurance.

Aggregated Interest Payments

Our system aggregates interest payment at month-end to the designated Sunwest Bank account. This reduces the need for account reconciliation and reduces customer errors.

Timely Statements

CD account statements are available online the second business day of each month, getting information to you faster and saving bookkeeping expense.

Fast Transaction Times

Users can execute a CD purchase in less than a minute and receive an immediate e-mail confirmation upon purchase.


For more information, please call 866.4SWBANK or contact our Community Association / HOA banking experts via email at

Recent Data Breaches

Several data breaches have been reported recently. Protecting your account and your information is important to us. We encourage you to monitor your accounts and alert us immediately if you notice any suspicious activity by calling 800-330-9890.

Security Practices To Protect You From Fraud

You should always be wary of unsolicited emails asking you to disclose any personal details. Sunwest Bank may send an email notice or alert, however, we will never ask you to provide any personal or account information via email.

Avoid Identity Theft

Do not give your Social Security number over a cellular or cordless phone.

Protect Your Financial Information

Keep a list of all credit cards and bank accounts including the account numbers, phone numbers and expiration dates in a safe place.