Personal Banking

Rapid RemitTM Payment Processing

Through our Sunwest Bank Rapid RemitTM Lockbox service, you can save time and money, maximize your deposit earning power and simplify your banking experience. We collect and process your payments, dues, subscriptions, etc., and report daily activity to you.

How It Works

Customers mail their payments directly to a post office box. Sunwest Bank picks up the payments and processes them on the same day. We then deposit the funds into your account and report the day's activity to you.

Save Time and Lower Administrative Costs

Your staff no longer has to open envelopes, match up checks and coupons, record payments, endorse checks, or prepare and deliver deposits to the bank.

Accelerate Cash Flow

Funds are deposited the same day they are received, increasing your earnings power and reducing collection float.

Complete Flexibility

We can accommodate almost any billing or coupon system. We work with you and your vendors to ensure accurate and timely billing and payment processing. We can also arrange for payments to be charged automatically to your customer's checking account each month via electronic transfer.



For more information, please Click Here to find contact information for one of our local Commerical Banking Relationship Managers or Branch Sales Managers.

Recent Data Breaches

Several data breaches have been reported recently. Protecting your account and your information is important to us. We encourage you to monitor your accounts and alert us immediately if you notice any suspicious activity by calling 800-330-9890.

Security Practices To Protect You From Fraud

You should always be wary of unsolicited emails asking you to disclose any personal details. Sunwest Bank may send an email notice or alert, however, we will never ask you to provide any personal or account information via email.

Avoid Identity Theft

Do not give your Social Security number over a cellular or cordless phone.

Protect Your Financial Information

Provide personal information only on websites that are secure and only when you have initiated the contact.