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Sunwest Bank Is Pleased To Offer eStatements


eStatements - Overview and Enrollment

eStatements is a product that allows convenient access to account statements and notices through Sunwest Bank’s Online Banking. eStatements are available to consumers, sole proprietors, small business, and corporations. The benefits for you, our client, is:

Safe:  Reduces the risk of mail fraud and identity theft

Fast:  No waiting for paper statements or notices in the mail, available the first business day after the statement or notice is produced.

Complete:  Check images are included.

Convenient:  eStatements and notices can be accessed from Online Banking 24/7.

Bold:  Automatic email notification is sent when the statement or notice is available.

Available:  18 months of statements and notices are accessible in Online Banking.

Free:  There is no cost associated with receiving eStatements and notices electronically.

Green:  eStatements are environmentally friendly to our natural resources, eliminating paper waste & saving trees.

No Storage:  Filing and storing paper statement is no longer necessary, eStatements can be saved in electronic format and saved onto your computer or other device.

Once you are set-up for eStatement and Notice delivery, you may select which documents you wish to receive in paper form.  You will log on to Online Banking to view, save, and print (if needed) the eStatements and notices that been delivered electronically.  Document types currently available for electronic delivery through Online Banking are:

Checking, Savings & IRA Statements

Checking Overdraft & NSF Notices

CD Approaching Renewal

COD Interest Rate Change

COD Interest Advice

Loan Past Due Notice

Loan Payment Notice

Loan Maturity Notice

Loan Billing Statement

Loan Rate Change

IRA Minimum Distribution

Stop Pay Request

Overdraft Protection Past Due Notice

Overdraft Protection Payment Notice

Returned Item Redeposit Notice


Retail Online Banking - Client Initiated, Automatic Enrollment

Personal Clients will enroll in the eStatements product when logged into Online Banking.  An auto enrollment screen will appear when logged into Online Banking if an email address is currently recorded for the primary account holder. The enrollment screen will appear to as many as 3 named account owners. However, if the account holder on Name Line 2 or 3 enrolls, they do not have the option of changing the email address on the account for eStatement notification. There is an option of adding an additional email notification for an authorized person but the client must contact Sunwest Bank to establish that on the account record first.  The steps to enroll are as follows:

Select the account(s) you wish to enroll

Confirm the email address you want notifications to be sent

Read and accept the terms of the eStatements Disclosure and Agreement.

Small Business Clients will enroll in eStatement as described for personal clients, however the primary Named owner may likely be the Business Name and an email address must exist for the primary account holder first.  Signers that are listed as second or third can enroll as described for the personal client method.  Contact Sunwest Bank at 800-330-9890 or 714-730-4444 if you experience any difficulty enrolling.

Accounts will be listed separately and will require you to select each for enrollment. Once enrolled, all of your statements and notices for the accounts selected will be accessible in Online Banking and the physical statements and notices will no longer be printed and sent via mail.   Once enrolled, you will see “eStatement Enrollment Completed Successfully” as an online message.


Business Online Banking - Bank Assisted Enrollement

Auto enrollment is not available for commercial clients using this system. Enrollment must be completed with assistance by the Bank. You will first need to sign the Addendum to the Online Banking Agreement if a current, signed copy of the Online Banking and Cash Management Agreement is already on file at the bank.  Alternatively, you may sign the Online Banking & Cash Management Agreement that incorporates the terms of Online Banking service and includes updated eStatement Disclosure.

An authorized signer for the business may execute the Online Banking and Cash Management Agreement or the Addendum, as appropriate to authorize eStatements on the accounts. Submit this agreement or addenda to the assigned Branch or Relationship Manager for further set-up along with the following information:

Designated person to receive notification when documents are available.

Account numbers that will be enrolled in eStatements.

If you have additional questions contact Sunwest Bank at 800-330-9890 or 714-730-4444. You may also contact your assigned Branch or Relationship Manager.