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Banking As A Service

Sunwest Bank – Over 50 years of banking experience

  • One of the premiere regional business banks in the United States
  • Robust core US business bank and international correspondent bank, both enabled with significant proprietary technology
  • Expertise in treasury services, lending, payment processing and technology integrations
Business As A Service

Offers a full suite of direct API connections to our core processor, providing BAAS solutions for deposit, loan and payment products with no third-party middleware required.

Sunwest APIs can also include third-party integrations with some of the largest technology companies in the world including, Plaid, Fiserv, Lexis Nexis, Equifax, Paynet and more.

Provides software solutions to early stage fintechs and retail brands

Online banking platform that can be white labeled, retail and commercial KYC and account on-boarding, as well as conventional and SBA loan platforms. All of these SAAS products can be integrated with Sunwest’s API stack and no need for expensive third-party integrations.

All accounts are boarded on our core

Providing guaranteed FDIC insurance on all accounts less than $250,000 (no omnibus accounts)

Customer and compliance support

As you are scaling your business and variable engineering support from Sunwest BAAS team for integration and software customization work

API Based Banking

Application Programming Interface (API) through Sunwest Bank’s BAAS platform has never been easier to integrate with. Through years of development, Sunwest has built robust and functional APIs for Fintechs and Non-Banks (such as retail brands) alike.

Sunwest Bank provides standard APIs which are modular and flexible, this makes them future-proof and enables agile development based on client demand, requirements, and regulations. Further, Sunwest offers a number of its proprietary deposit and loan software platforms that can be white-labeled to accelerate your development speed.

Sunwest APIs also include integrations with some of the largest technology companies in the world including, Plaid, ID Analyzer, Equifax, Paynet and more. Sunwest Bank’s APIs form the foundation of its BAAS (Banking as a Service) white label cloud banking solution for FinTechs.

A Few of Our Core Bank APIs Include:

Bank Account Reconciliation, Month End Closing, NSF Fees and Overdrafts, Fund Transfers, Funding an Account, Managing Bill Payments, OFAC / KYC, Credit Card Transactions, Open and Manage an Account


Sunwest Bank’s BAAS technology and software solutions enables Fintechs and other brands to quickly deploy financial products without having to internally develop solutions and select middleware partners. Sunwest can also be an advisor in developing your compliance and risk tools, and deep cross border experience for international fintechs.

Fast and easy integration through APIs allows Fintechs to concentrate on their core business and not to spend time on struggling with bank’s technology or expensive middleware solutions. Further, the lowest cost of goods comes directly from banks because middleware solutions mark-up transaction costs, which means direct Fintechs can offer lower product costs to their customers and enhance their competitive position.

Sunwest platform is a complete system that wraps seamlessly around the bank’s existing infrastructure offering faster integration, seamless monitoring, bank compliance expertise, and a lower all-in product cost.

We look forward to helping you deliver an exceptional customer experience.