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Security Practices to Protect You from Fraud


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Online Banking and Information Security tips

Always access Sunwest Bank's Internet banking by typing in the correct website address,, into your browser. Never click on a link in an email that redirects you to a website and requests personal identification information or account details.

Identity Theft Precautions

Identity theft is a crime perpetrated by a criminal who uses another’s personal information to establish credit, purchase goods and services with existing credit cards, apply for new cards in the victim’s name, drain bank accounts, or commit other crimes. Identity theft affects consumers in several ways; fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your identity.


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FDIC's Cybersecurity Awareness Basics

Consumers increasingly rely on computers and the Internet — the “cyber” world — for everything from shopping and communicating to banking and bill-paying. While the benefits of faster and more convenient cyber services for bank customers are clear, the risks posed by these services, as well as the strategies for preventing or recovering from cyber-related crimes, may not be as well-known by the average consumer and small business owner.

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