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Goodbye Paper Checks……Hello Custom Lockbox

Sunwest Bank’s in-house Lockbox helps you save time and money, and simplifies your banking experience in a secure environment that accelerates funds availability. As times change and technology progresses, Sunwest Bank works with its clients to move forward by offering services and products that match the range of ability of the largest Lockbox providers.

How It Works

Customers mail their payments directly to a post office box. Sunwest Bank picks up the payments and processes them on the same day. Customers may also initiate a payment online using a credit card, debit card or even establishing their own ACH debit to their checking account. We then deposit the funds into your account and report the day’s activity to you. Customer defined output files and associated reports are available for distribution the same day via secured e-mail or a password protected FTP site.

Online Exception Handling

Our real time online exception handling service provides an opportunity for clients to review and provide missing account numbers or reject the transaction and have it returned to them for further handling.

Complete Flexibility

We consider ourselves a boutique Lockbox, we conform to our client’s requirements, not the other way around. We can create custom solutions based on our clients’ needs.

Electronic Payment Collection - ACH Origination

Clients can arrange for recurring electronic payment collections from consumer or business remitters by enrolling in ACH Origination service. Payments can be collected automatically each month by creating a file or through a file import from accounting software.

Image Based

We are a completely image based Lockbox provider. By converting paper based transactions into an electronic format, we process from images so our clients are assured that image quality is 100%.

Why Outsource?

Time consuming maintenance and upgrades required to keep up with the payment processing industry, as well as reduction of personnel resources and office space helps make outsourcing a lower cost option for many clients. Clients have less outstanding float as collection of payments become available for use as quickly as possible. At Sunwest Bank we work with our clients to provide specialized remittance solutions.

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