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We at Sunwest Bank realize that there are plenty of banks to choose from today, most preaching about their "relationship banking" and "great customer service." Our management team and Board of Directors realize that these are more than catchy slogans, but disciplined business principles. We are committed to the service of our customers.

Sunwest Bank focuses on small-to-mid-size businesses, with relationship managers specializing in niche industries and markets. The team is seasoned, with an entrepreneurial spirit and thought process, connecting with a relationship-based client experience. 

Board of Directors

Eric Hovde Eric Hovde Russ Wertz Russ Wertz
Jeff Thomas Jeff Thomas Ben Xiang Ben Xiang
Dan Ogus Dan Ogus John Strockis John Strockis
Steve Reenders Steve Reenders    

Senior Management

Eric Hovde Eric Hovde – Chairman / Chief Executive Officer 
Carson Lappetito Carson Lappetito – Chief Operating Officer
Kent Smith Kent Smith – Chief Financial Officer
Ted Kellogg Ted Kellogg – Executive Vice President / Chief Credit Officer
Kendra Coffey Kendra Coffey – Executive Vice President / Bank Operations
John Houten John Houten – Executive Vice President / Head of Real Estate Lending

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