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Cyndi Koester

Cyndi Koester

Senior Vice President
Community Association Services
Irvine Office – 714.730.4475

HOA Property Management

Community Associations

With more than 35 years of HOA expertise, Sunwest Bank’s Specialty Deposit Group understands different needs, different models and different goals of community associations. Our team can help you achieve your business solutions to save you time and money. Understanding how you work is how we work.


Sunwest Bank provides products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of management companies and community associations, including a variety of time and money saving options.

Loan Solutions

We offer specialized financing to Associations for repairs, major renovations or replenishing reserves up to $10 million.

  • Line of credit
  • Term Loan

Deposit Solutions

Secure your deposits with our competitive rates. (Check Current Rates)

  • Interest Checking
  • Money Market Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Certificate of Deposits
  • Insured Cash Sweep

Cash Management

Manage your accounts securely through our powerful suite of cash management tools.

  • Information Access and Reporting
  • Remote Deposit
  • Electronic Statements
  • Execute ACH transactions
  • Online Bill Payment
  • Risk Management with Positive Pay
  • Wire Transfers


Sunwest Bank’s in-house lockbox allows for better control over processes and enables us to offer our clients flexibility.

Flexibility:  We conform to our client’s requirements, not the other way around. We create custom solutions based on our clients’ individual needs.

Client Focused: Sunwest Bank is a leading provider of lockbox services for management companies and homeowner associations. We’ve been serving the community associations industry for over three decades.


Single Lockbox for all accounts: Assessment payments for multiple HOAs can be sent to a single lockbox, with deposits made to separate bank accounts for each property to comply with legal requirements.

Master File: Management companies can upload an extract of information about their associations and residents, which is referenced during remittance processing to help reduce exceptions and improve data accuracy.

Secure Online Access: Secure access to applications for lockbox viewing, reporting, electronic payment initiation and more.

Association Assessments: Secure online payment portal for homeowners to make payments using credit /debit card or ACH (eCheck).

Subject to Sunwest Bank’s standard approval and underwriting guidelines

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