Specialty Lending

Sunwest Bank has earned a solid reputation for understanding the unique financial needs of our Clients. When we expanded our lending programs to include Construction Lending, Seniors Housing, and Property Management we were careful in selecting Relationship Managers who understand your industry, speak your language and know the issues unique to your business - huge advantages in evaluating funding options. Our dedicated Relationship Managers are well equipped to address the issues you face and are ready to provide you with customized financial programs and specialty banking services that meet your needs.

Construction Lending

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Seniors Housing Lending

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Transportation and Logistics

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Legal Specialty Banking

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Brewery Specialty Lending

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Healthcare Lending

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Recent Data Breaches

Several data breaches have been reported recently. Protecting your account and your information is important to us. We encourage you to monitor your accounts and alert us immediately if you notice any suspicious activity by calling 800-330-9890.

Security Practices To Protect You From Fraud

You should always be wary of unsolicited emails asking you to disclose any personal details. Sunwest Bank may send an email notice or alert, however, we will never ask you to provide any personal or account information via email.

Avoid Identity Theft

Never give out personal information, especially your Social Security number, to anyone you can’t confirm has a legitimate purpose for asking for it.

Protect Your Financial Information

Pick up your mail as soon as possible after it's delivered, and keep track of when your bills are supposed to arrive. If your monthly bank and credit card statements do not arrive in the mail, call the lender immediately.