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Alert - Arizona company is using the name Sunwest

Sunwest Bank has been advised that a company in Arizona is using the Sunwest name to promote its product.  Sunwest Bank does not lend its name to retail establishments and does not provide client information to other businesses in order for them market their products to you. To review our Privacy Policy click here:

If you have received such a call and your telephone number has been registered with the National Do Not Call Registry please contact the Federal Trade Commission at 877.382.4357 or

Caller Identification Services (caller ID) offered by various telephone service providers may allow you to identify callers.  However, note that caller ID is susceptible to fraud.  Using a practice known as “caller ID spoofing” callers can falsify the name and/or telephone number displayed in order to disguise the actual caller in an attempt to make you believe that your bank is calling.  In addition, the fraudster may then request sensitive information such as bank account numbers and/or social security numbers in an attempt to perpetrate identity theft.

Sunwest Bank does not make unsolicited calls asking for sensitive client information.  If you receive such a call, do not provide any information to the caller, hang up and dial Sunwest Bank directly at (800) 330-9890.